What's Dulcinea?

"The name Dulcinea is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Dulcinea is: Sweet. Sweetness. Dulcinea was the name created by Cervantes's Don Quixote for his idealised lady."

- Connor, an American musician obsessed with Don Quixote, comes back to his house from a three month tour to find out that his long-time girlfriend has been sleeping with his brother and that his mother has passed away

After going through some serious suicidal tendencies, his therapist gives him a ring which allows him to travel anywhere in the world he wants with one condition: not going to the same place twice.  

Dulcinea film

- A movie about love. 

- A movie about ideal love. 

- A movie about the ideal, non-existent love. 

- A movie about the ideal, non-existent, impossible love. 

- A movie about DULCINEA.

Dulcinea film

"Dulcinea" is a romantic story, an adventure film, a fantasy experience, a travel movie, a road-trip and a live changing experience.

The Director and Main Talent have been shooting in different parts of the world, looking for Dulcinea, looking for beauty and all type of relationships. Connor's journey is a lot of people's journeys, the search for what we think it's right for us, and we deserve. 

Dulcinea film