Technical information

Congratulations if you have made it this far, here is some nerdy information for all you camera geeks

- Aspec Ratio 2.35 

- Shot on Sony A7S & Shogun Flame 4k 

dulcinea film

Lensing this project has been a great and interesting experience, having shot with two different sets:

Los Angeles - Minoltas

Rehoused set of 

  • 24mm 

  • 35-70mm

  • 50mm 

  • 75 - 150mm

Rest of the world - Russian Glass

Rehoused set of 

  • Mir-1 (37mm)

  • Helios 58mm

  • Jupiter 9 (85mm)

  • Tair 11A (135mm)

The whole movie has been shot with a mix of tripod, handheld and ronin

dulcinea film

Op. Alejandro Gomez on Ronin

dulcinea film

Daniel Moreno (Spain Unit 1AC) getting ready for a shot

Dulcinea film

DP David Hebrero operating a custom handheld rig put together by Joe Gunawan