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HOW TO MAKE A MOVIE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND (and not kill each other in the process)

Let's face it. Making movies is hard, especially when you are in our situation, improvising a movie along the way while your friends help you. As you already know, we had about 2 months to prepare this whole film, and when we started we didn't even think we would get this far... so, how did we do it?

Well, everything starts easy. Let me explain. Steven (Actor) and myself (Director) have been very good friends for about 2 years, since we both moved to Los Angeles (The photo underneath

is the very day we met). We had the luck that we got paired up in a class exercise back in school, where our Bromance started. We had been talking about putting a movie together almost since then, but I'm glad it never happened. WHY?

- Think about it, you are going to spend over a year of your life, making decisions, spending money and potentially getting into logistic or economical arguments with your producing partner, you really want to make sure you trust that person, otherwise you won't have a pleasant experience or even worse, one of you will bail at one point leaving that movie unfinished.

THE DAY WE MET. Steven (Middle) and David (Third from the left).

Steven and I were pretty good friends when we put this together but during all this process we have become even close. We have laughed, cried, argued, been through freezing cold, stress, and hard decisions together. Note that word, TOGETHER, even at the most tense moments we have made sure that we don't move away from each other, because despite what you think... we are ONLY making a movie, we are not saving lives. Yes, making a movie is money and time consuming and should not be taken lightly, but don't ever forget it's not worth it to give up your friends for that reasons.

Let's get into another important aspect of making a movie with your friends (and I talk from our personal experience). WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND AVOID WHEN WORKING WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Look, we are not perfect and even brothers argue so here's what you need to know:

- Don't ever blame each other for stuff, and if you do, sit down and solve the problem, talk about it and don't let any of that get in the way of the movie.

- Trust each other, you are doing this together for a reason, so don't start doubting each other's capacities.

- Respect the opinions. Whether you are the director, producer, etc. Make sure you take in consideration the other person, they might have a better idea than you at some point.

- Remember to have fun. I won't lie, it is hard to make a movie especially when you are traveling but you got to remember to enjoy it.

The purpose of this entry is for new and upcoming people that are thinking about partnering up to make a movie to learn and hopefully avoid some mistakes we have done but on top of that to understand the insights and the tricks for the relationship to go the best way possible when it gets mixed with professionalism.

Before we finish, let's talk money. Make sure you have made very clear how each of you is contributing to the relationship. Money is something you SHOULD NEVER argue about, because nothing good will ever come out of that. If you are sure about the level of commitment of each other, you will never hear your partner go: "man... I've put more money than you". That's the beginning of disaster and you don't want to go down that path.

Every money decision has been agreed upon and if at any point either one of us wasn't comfortable with something we respected that.

So remember:

- Respect.

- Make sure you solve any problems the moment they show up.

- Don't take it too seriously.

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