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DULCINEA - Welcome! .

WELCOME FAMILY! This is the official blog for the movie "Dulcinea". On our first post we are going to set the ground bases of this new project and community.

What is "Dulcinea"? "Dulcinea" is a movie, currently in production, loosely based on the acclaimed spanish novel "Don Quixote". Here is a small synopsis:

"Connor, an American musician obsessed with Don Quixote, comes back to his house from a three month tour to find out that his long-time girlfriend has been sleeping with his brother and that his mother has passed away. After going through some serious suicidal tendencies, his therapist gives him a ring which allows him to travel anywhere in the world he wants with one condition: not going to the same place twice."

Not hooked up yet? We have been (and are) travelling to different parts of the world, shooting the movie and photographing some of the most beautiful and romantic places on this Earth.

Steven Tulumello and Sara Sanz in Spain.

Our idea is to start building a family with you. We want to put aside the secretive world of filmmaking and let you be part of our movie, and we couldn't be more excited to start!

This blog will serve as 2 different things:

1) We will be updating weekly the state of our movie. Where we are, what we have shot, messages from our cast and crew...

2) We will do a little dig deeper into the filmmaking of "Dulcinea" to guide you through the process of shooting this movie.

"Dulcinea" is a movie about love. But not happy love, real love. Everybody is constantly looking for the one, we always seem to be very clear on what our ideal man/woman would be like, that we create fantasy world that often don't get fulfilled.

This movie talks about that. It follows Connor, a twenty-something year old who looses everything after he comes back from touring with his band. His girlfriend cheats on him with his brother, his mom died and his dad blames him for not being there for her.

All that destruction drags Connor to an old state of mind of him: suicide. On a last attempt to keep him alive, his therapist, a mysterious woman, gives him a ring which will allow him to travel anywhere he wants. The therapist, Martha, only has one advice: never go to the same place twice.

Connor, who lacks love, even from his family, will embrace the opportunity and will look for his own Dulcinea around the world.

We ask you to join us in this adventure. You will receive new information, fun facts and a lot of great details about the film every week. And to keep our promise, HERE IS THE OFFICIAL POSTER OF THE FILM beautifully done by Christin Muuli:

Until next week. FOR DULCINEA!

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